Home Entertainment WHAT!!, Gigi Hadid would never visit Mykonos again, she was robbed!!!

WHAT!!, Gigi Hadid would never visit Mykonos again, she was robbed!!!


Model Gigi Hadid and sister Bella Hadid were robbed on their vacation on the island of Mykonos.

The model arrived in Greece to celebrate elder sister Alana’s birthday. The burglars nearly robbed the sisters out of all of their valuables in their house while they were out for their apartment.


On August 8, the model posted a series of polaroids of her vacations. The pictures were the highlights of her trip. However, she confessed that it is not the whole story. “P.S.: Don’t let Insta fool you,” she wrote on a post, “got robbed.


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She didn’t reveal much about the robbery, but it is apparent that the theft soured her feelings for the town entirely. ” Never going back lol” she vowed, “wouldn’t recommend. Spend the money elsewhere.”

The women called the police, but they reportedly brushed off the allegations. According to the sources, the staff had access to the house. Also, the sisters suspect that it could be an insider’s doing.

The incident left them distressed. Also, they returned home early after knowing that the Greek authorities aren’t taking the things seriously.


According to reports, Gigi’s father Mohamed Hadid reassured that his daughters were okay and nobody was hurt. He told that the thieves stole some of Bella and Gigi’s personal belongings.

He said, ” Gigi called me at the airport when she was taking off. She was traumatized. They were out. Had their bodyguards with them. They got robbed- the house was broken into. Nobody was hurt, thank God.”

Both Bella and Gigi are famous top models. Bella was voted Model of the Year by industry in 2016 while Gigi was also named as Model of the Year by British Council.

Right before her trip to Greece, Gigi was also spotted on a date with Tyler Cameron, the finalist of the Bachelorette.

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