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Atomic Blonde Might make a comeback with a sequence via a Streaming Service


The scenes of Lorraine Broughton, a fearless spy, kicking the ass of her enemies, might just return back on screens . Director David leitch in a recent interview spoke about a probable sequel to the 2017 film Atomic Blonde.

Leitch said the talks are still there about a possible sequel and a streaming service might buy the rights for the film. Although he did not disclose much, but hinted on the fact that his wife and producer Kelley McCormic will be creating the film. During the promotion of Deadpool 2 last year, Director spoke on the matter that plethora of ideas are given for the sequel of Atomic Blonde. Since then nothing was disclosed about the film. Thus with this, fans can now have sigh of relief as the makers are still on board with the sequel.

We might have to wait a little longer till we get to see Lorraine Broughton again back on the screen. There are a whole lot of projects which needs to be completed before the director-actor duo David Leitch and Charlize Theoren could commence their work on the sequel of the thriller. The actor is involved in some high budget films like Mad MAx sequel, Fast and Furious 9 and The Old guard on her plate which will release soon. The director is also toiling hard with his projects like “The Divison”. Amidst this a probable sequel to the film may take sometime.

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Atomic Blonde is an official adaptation of a 2012 Graphic novel by Antony Johnstan and San Hart. It also starred actors James McAvoy and Sofia Boutella in pivotal roles. The film which was made in a budget of $30 million, collected $100 million in the box office and became a huge hit. The anti-hero of Lorraine Broughton was hugely appreciated.

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