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Janet Jackson Surprises Dad Fan backstage at Vegas Show


In a heartwarming video that went viral, Janet Jackson hugs a superfan dad who calls himself her No. 1 fan. She surprised him backstage after her Sunday night show at Las Vegas.

The Father’s Day Surprise

The whole thing began when an entrepreneur KB Strawder Jr gifted his father, Keith with Jackson concert tickets as a father’s day surprise. KB and his brother planned the surprise.

The father of two reacted how any massive fan would, and the reaction video went viral on Twitter. The video garnered close to 10K views.

KB explained to the internet how he planned the whole surprise to fulfill his dad’s lifelong dream of meeting his idol.

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He even hoped that somehow Janet Jackson herself might come across the video. While that didn’t happen, something very close to it did! Janet’s team found the video and reached out to KB to help him plan an even bigger surprise.

Janet Jackson Hugging Fan

Janet Jackson surprises superfan in Vegas and it's too much (Picture: @Real_KB/Twitter)

After the Vegas concert at The Park Theatre, KB took his dad to the elevator area. The 54-year-old followed, under the ruse that it was to get a Janet autographed shirt.

In the viral video of the surprise, while there, Keith gave an interview about how he liked her performance. He was praising her stage presence and the complicated entry-exit while Janet, unbeknownst to him, listened on in silence.

She hugs him from behind with a soft “That’s really sweet. I’m glad”. Keith gasps at first and seems to process the reality for a few seconds before finally turning to her. She embraces him while he is all toothy grins. He thanked her profusely for the opportunity, but the singer gestured that it was all his son’s doing.

โ€œHeโ€™ll probably come down off cloud nine sometime next year,โ€ KB shares about his father’s adventure.

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