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Justin Bieber Pulls Pants Down and shows off underwear while kissing wife Hailey Baldwin


Justin Bieber is famous all over the world due to his talent for singing. The pop star is obsessed with Calvin Klein, and on the 12th of august, he posted a picture on his Instagram account in which he shared a shirtless photo of him pulling his pants down while appearing to kiss Hailey’s neck.

We all know that Justin Bieber likes to rock Calvin Klein underwear by his wife, Haily Baldwin. And after posting this picture, he gave a piece of big- big news for social media.

source:- Star Magazine

It is still not justified whether the black and white photo is just for fun or one of old JB’s camera roll or Snapped of an upcoming Calvin Klein project because the designer has been enlisting a list of stars for its full 2019 underwear campaign.

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As you guys know he is a famous brand ambassador of Calvin Klein.

On the Instagram story, he joins his and is completely covered in sweats. “Two options, give up or don’t,” he wrote over their heads in the story. He is always pushing the boundaries in his Calvin Klein underwear  – that is when he is not hiding his pants’ waistband in an oversized hoodie from his clothing brand, DREW.

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