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Priyanka Chopra says husband Nick Jonas likes to stare at her face each morning. Read more…


Our all-time favorite desi couple, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are most of the time in the news of their romance. And again they hit the social media.



Recently when Priyanka is asked about her reaction to fans trolling Nick over his dadbod seen during her birthday vacation in Miami last month she said “I’m not someone who concerns myself with people’s opinion. I’m kind of like ‘live your life your way’ kind of girl, I think so is he. And if people can find something to say about Nick’s body, God helps us.”


Now the couple is on fire on social media as Priyanka said that her Husband likes to stare at her face each morning tough they meet once in a week due to their work. “It’s annoying, but he insists on looking at my face when I wake up. I’m just like ‘Wait one minute. Let me go and put a little mascara on, let me put my moisturizer. I’m like so sleepy-eyed face right now, but he’s….. it’s amazing and super sweet” Priyanka said, she also added “That’s what you want your husband to do, But it’s also, like, a little awkward. Ok. He’s like, Let me stare at you, and you aren’t even conscious yet. Like, I’m not even, I’m not joking. It’s wonderful”.

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And after the Jonas brothers cheered them on their vacation, she said “We have a rule. We don’t go beyond, like a week and a half of not seeing each other. Both of us have such individual careers that we make a deliberate attempt to at least always [meet] wherever in the world we [are]

On the other hand, Nick posted a picture of both of them on his Instagram account and captioned it ” I can’t believe @jackgorlin caught this moment. Just a few minutes before taking the stage tonight in Atlanta to face timing, my beautiful wife @priyankachopra while getting a stroke of good luck rose from my nieces Alena and Valentina. #HappinessBeginsTour”.

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