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Queen of Breakup songs Taylor Swift reveals the release date of her latest album Lover


It was a double treat for all swift fans when she announced the release date of her new single “Lover” on 16th August in Hermosa Beach, California. She shared this news while receiving the Icon Award at 2019 Teen Choice Award there.

This was an announcement worth every second for all Taylor fans who are now waiting eagerly for the release of her latest album which will be releasing on 16th this month. Taylor in her all mysterious self said at the end of the speech “I also just wanted to tell you… There’s so much I’m excited about in the next 12 days until my album Lover comes out. On the 16th, I have a new song called ‘Lover’ that’s coming out and I’m so excited.”

Taylor is the only solo artist to own highest records of the Teen Choice Awards. She has been nominated 60 times out of which she won 25 times. This year itself Taylor was nominated for Choice Pop song and Choice female artist for her new song “ME”. Fox aired the Teen Choice Awards and they addressed in a press release about Taylor swift ” Swift is also one of today’s biggest social influencers, using her voice and platform to inspire and create positive change.”

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Taylor’s pal and Soccer layer Alex Morgan honoured her with the Surfboard shaped award. Taylor looked style icon in her bold and vibrant Versace outfit as she addressed everyone “If anybody’s a teen out there. I think one thing I wish I would have known when I was a teen was mistakes are inevitable. I think sometimes you think if you try hard enough to make every decision perfectly, you think you can possibly ace life and never make any mistakes, and I just want you to know if you’re out there and you’re being really hard on yourself for something that’s happened , or messing up or feeling embarrassed, it’s normal.”

Swift also received appreciation from her fellow artists such as Ed Sheeran through a video where he appreciated her for making influential changes in people’s life through her songs. 29 year old Taylor has been leading Pop icon, and has been specially loved for her intimate tracks that support moving on in life.

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