Home Entertainment Waterparks releases their first Singles of their new album "Fandom"

Waterparks releases their first Singles of their new album “Fandom”


American Rock Band, Waterparks released their new singles “Watch What Happens Next” of their latest album “Fandom. With its release, it has created a buzz in the world of Rock bands and pop music.

Speculations started rolling since the band announced this Saturday that something would be happening at 7 pm. This announcement led to a further announcement, leaving a teaser for Monday. Fans easily grasped the hint of the ” duck” emoji that came with the post. A few days back, Otto posted a picture on Instagram wearing t-shirt reading “Follow the Duck.” Fans were quick to get the relevance, as they know that with “Waterparks” nothing is accidental and every word carries a meaning.

The band will release their third album “Fandom” on October 11 this year. Thus, this new singles “Watch What Happens Next” did give an adequate sneak-peak to the upcoming album. Along with the track, they also dropped the music video directed by Knight.

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The album is under the banner of “Hopeless Records.” In a recent interview, one of the Pivotal members, Awsten Knight spoke on how the team is grateful to “Hopeless Records” for giving them freedom and did not pose as a hindrance for their creativity. He also added that one could get inspiration for good music from anything around, even from television shows and movies. He confessed that while making albums, he does not listen to other bands as he might get influenced by the music, which might come in his creation. Thus, it won’t remain original. When talking about how movies influence his music, he explained that currently, he could think of three tracks that perfectly resonates movie scores.

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