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Assumptions On How Tom Hiddleston Aka Loki Could Be A Part Of Thor: Love and Thunder


With the release announcement of Thor: Love and Thunder, A new prophecy of Loki’s appearance in the movie has emerged.

There are a bunch of reunions in Thor 4, the best one being Natalie Portman’s return as Female Thor, as confirmed by The Marvel Studios. MCU has also confirmed that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will reprise their character in Thor 4. But the major twist of events are the rumors indicating Tom Hiddleston’s Loki could make a come back in Thor: Love and Thunder.

As we witnessed in The Avengers, Loki escaped when The battle of New York was about to take place. Possible events suggest that the God of mischief might have used the tesseract to time travel into MCU’s original timeline. Henceforth, Thor 4 can possibly show old mischievous Loki’s encounter with Thor and Valkyrie.

Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki, is all set to be starring in his spin-off on Disney Plus, which will trace Loki’s journey from where he escaped in the Avengers. There are other assumptions as well of how Loki can possibly be a part of Thor: Love and Thunder: Firstly, when Loki died a majestic death fighting for mankind in ” Avengers: Infinity War”, he might have reserved his place in Valhalla, where all Asgardians go after they die protecting the honor of Asgard. Also, when Loki died, his last words to Thor were, “The sun will shine us again”, which might be a possible hint towards him going to the glorious afterlife ( which he might be referring to as “the Sun”). Thor’s 4th installment might show God of Thunder resurrecting Loki from the afterlife arena.

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While Thor: Love and Thunder, will surely have God of Thunder’s love Jane, We are still skeptical about Loki’s appearance in the installment. Now what we can do is wait till November 2021. Long Time it is.

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