Entertainment Call for some cakes and balloons as our very...

Call for some cakes and balloons as our very own Sebastian Stan aka Winter Soldier turns 37 today!


Calls for some celebrations as “birthday boy” Sebastian Stan turns 37 today. The actor celebrates his birthday on the 13th of August. He reached the zenith of popularity with his role of Winter Soldier in Marvel films.

If we stroll through his Instagram account, we can surely tell that Sebastian is surely aging backward. With a slight stubble, dreamy eyes and incredibly toned physique he has an extremely strong female fan base.  I mean, who can say that he is nearing the end of his thirties, must be the power of some anti-aging gene playing their part.

Apart from being a part of the MCU franchise, he has also played quite a few roles in various Television series and shows. Remember, New York’s “Hottie” gentleman with Incandescent looks Carter Brazen in Gossip Girl series. The actor was also part of an Academy Award Nominee film “I Tonya” starring Margot Robbie. He played an impressive role of an abusive husband to Margot’s Character.

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Since the day started, lots of wishes began to pour in for the actor on Twitter with the #HappyBirthdaySebastianStan. Actor Chadwick Boseman, known for the role of “Black Panther” Wished the actor by posting a picture. The caption read “Happy Birthday to Wakanda’s favorite houseguest, Sebastian Stan.”

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But the most unique birthday wish came from “Star Wars: Last Jedi” actor Mark Hamill. In a rather humorous way, he posted a picture with the caption ” Wishing Sebastian Stan Happiest Birthdays. I’m beginning  to believe he might actually be my son….” This play-along was done by the actor in support of the claims pointed by the fans that Stan looks like the actor at a younger age. With lots of photoshopped memes doing the rounds, this surely caught the attention of both the actors. The cherry on the cake came with Stan’s statement that he would love to play the younger version of the star if any script demands so.

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