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Elvis Presley’s Daughter Lisa Marie owes over $400k in taxes.


Elvis Aaron Presley Born in the year 1935 January 8. He was an American actor and singer. His home town is Tupelo, Mississippi, U.S. He is famously known for his pop, rock, and gospel. Elvis Presley’s received a presidential medal of Freedom after his death. He passed away in the year 1977 on August 16. At an early age of 42, he died due to cardiac arrest. His daughter named Lisa Marie Presley is his only heir.

Lisa Maria Presley, an American singer, and songwriter.  On in the year 1968 on February 1. She was born to Elvis Aron Presley and Priscilla Presley. Her native is Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. She started following the footsteps of her father from the year 1997. Her first award was given for her charitable work by the governor in the year 2011. She married four-time and divorced all the four times. Now she the mother of four children. Daughter Riley 30 yrs and son Benjamin born to Danny Keough and Lisa Marie, and followed by the twins born to Micheal Lockwood and her. A very big family to renounce.

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Recently the singer got hooked up with $402,332.01 in taxes. A case is filed by the state of California Franchise Tax Board. Besides this, she is under the pressure of divorce with her x husband. On taking full control of her children. Lastly, she was married to Micheal Lockwood. They were blessed twin daughters, named Heper and Finley of age 10. She has fully stocked up the problem, and it’s hard for her to take the right decision.

The singer also has a habit of taking drugs, especially cocaine. The psychiatrist confirmed that she is suffering from paranoia and hallucinations. At one point, she realized that she was killing her self and did not want things like what happened to her dad.

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