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“Janet Jackson” Gives “KB Strawder Jr.’s Father” the Thrill of His Life


KB Strawder Jr. made his father jump off the couch when he surprised him with tickets to a Janet Jackson concert in Las Vegas on Saturday night. He recorded the hilariously candid moment where his father is completely awestruck by the concert tickets and runs around the house in excitement. Strawder and his brother had planned to take their father to see his favorite celebrity, i.e. Janet Jackson as a Father’s Day gift.

Strawder, who is an Air Force veteran and business entrepreneur according to his Instagram page, had managed to get the attention of the pop icon when he posted the video on Twitter. Janet’s team reached out to him and asked if he would like a surprise visit from the ” Miss You Much” singer for his dad after her performance. Strawder later revealed that he did not expect all the buzz and stated, “I thought it was hilarious and just posted it to my social media as usual. I woke up the next day and saw my Twitter mentions had skyrocketed.”

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In a subsequent video, Strawder’s father says that “it was the highlight for me just seeing her on the stage” moments before Janet gives him a hearty back-hug. He is visibly speechless and relishes the moment before turning towards Janet and embracing the celebrity.

The 53-year-old singer gave the unsuspecting man the thrill of his life over the weekend and later posed for a picture with him and his sons.

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