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Margot Robbie Shares Her Journey About How She Got Into Once Upon a Time In Hollywood As Sharon Tate

4 months ago

Actress Margot Robbie reveals about how she grabbed the opportunity to play the role  Sharon Tate in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, directed by Quentin Tarantino. The actress shares her admiration for the director’s work, which led her to contact him.

In her interview with The Sun, Margot talked about her love for Quentin’s work, which inspired her to write him a letter, putting forth her will to work with him. To her utmost surprise, she later received a call from Tarantino’s office for a meeting regarding the role.

In the interview, the actress further shared about her first encounter with the director as he discussed with her about the film, which a couple of months later was in the form of a well-compiled film script. Margot, who has worked in Wolf Of the Wall Street, got another opportunity to star opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

The film “Once upon a time in Hollywood” was released on July 26, and has received a good recognition by fans and critics. Margot plays the role of Sharon Tate, wife of Roman Polanski. Her husband was murdered in Los Angeles in the year 1969. The film centers around Rick Dalton, played by Leo who is struggling to find his place in the movie career. Sharon Tate is his neighbor who lives in an estate with her husband, Roman. Robbie says in an interview about her character, Sharon Tate and the film as “Chance for people to really appreciate the life she lived as opposed to remembering her for her death.”

The director as well seems well fascinated by Robbie’s dedication towards the role as he said about, her memorizing the script “Margot remembers them all and commits to them as they were written scenes that we had rehearsed for three weeks. It was kind of amazing.

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