“The Walking Dead” Viewers wait with bated breath ahead of “Season 10” Release

4 months ago

The release date of the post-apocalyptic TV series “The Walking Dead-Season 10” has been announced by AMC. The first episode of season 10 will air on Sunday, October 6. The series follows the challenges faced by a group of survivors while fighting off the mindless zombies known as “walkers.” But the central villains will have their limelight stolen by the group of Alpha’s “Whisperers,” whose backstory would be the ultimate treat for viewers. The previous season saw Negan locked up for the most part, but he later revived his role by saving the life of Judith Grimes played by Cailey Fleming. Negan is seen inside the cell with Gabriel in the season 10 pictures as well outside, doing some gardening.

Unfortunately, the captivating journey of Michonne(played by Danai Gurira) has come to an end. The actress was recently seen in many Marvel movies and now will be moving on to other things. The rest of the survivors have a strained future according to the season 10 trailer as they battle against the ongoing threat of Whisperers. Fans have been trying to guess the storyline based on the pictures released by AMC, amongst which, one shows Daryl and Carol on his motorcycle. With gasoline being scarce and most of it expired, it riddles the viewers how he managed to find any. It remains to be seen if the couple manages to bond on a deeper level in their relationship.

The subsequent pictures show Daryl and Michonne in the ultimate badass mode, which is innate to them. She is also seen guarding the young Judith and RJ, but the mysterious intruder is yet to be revealed. Season 10 will explore Alpha’s humanity according to Samantha Morton and hence understand what the Whisperers actually are.


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