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Tyra Banks lept out of the car to lend a helping hand in the photo shoot of an aspiring model


Tyra Banks recently showed her act of kindness towards an aspiring model on her trip to BeautyCon at LA. The Supermodel on her way back hopped out of the car to assist the newbie in her photoshoot.

This act of Tyra has created buzz and has been getting a lot of praises. The incident happened during the weekend when she spotted the Youtuber Tatyana Ali in the middle of a curbside Photoshoot. Instinctively she stopped her car to help her in the process.

She gave a detailed description of the incident with a tinge of wit sharing her favorite picture from the shoot. The caption read ” When you go to BeautyCon and in your car leaving, and you see a photoshoot happening that is going in the wrong direction what else do you do but put on your Supermodel/hero and jump out of the car grab the camera and start clicking. Maybe one day I’ll jump out of the car to capture you.” The last line indeed brought a ray of hope to many aspiring models that one day, they might also get assistance from this legend. The post went with the hashtag #TyraTaughtMe.

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Banks also went onto acknowledge the Photographer’s hard work by saying “he took some amazing photos” after a five-minute brief lesson. Ali even went on to share a picture of Banks behind the camera. By posting a picture, she wrote “So today The Tyra Banks got out of the car to take a photo of me…”

Perhaps this is not the first time when Tyra has to lend her helping hands. Last month reports were making talks that Tyra might act as a godmother to newly discovered child model “Ala” who has a striking resemblance to Rihanna and groom her properly.

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