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Dear “Justice League”: ‘Fan Mail to Favourite Superheroes’

4 months ago

“Dear Justice League,” explores the world of fictional superheroes in “Justice League” from a child’s perspective which offers a fresh take in the DC universe. The trailer depicts children sending candid fan mail to their favorite superheroes asking them if they ‘smell like fish or eat small mammals’ addressing Aquaman and Hawkgirl respectively.

Author Michael Northrop apparently got the idea from “Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine,” in which athletes answered questions sent by kids. They would think harder and longer on those questions which often did not illicit the standard response. He was reminded of what sports was like before it was pursued as a profession, and he drew inspiration from the same.

Superheroes are depicted like everyday folks having some of the same limitations; for instance, ‘Superman’s’ confession that he makes mistakes all the time. The young adult fiction illustrated by Gustavo Duarte will be available in stores on August 6th. A similar theme was explored in Marvel’s “Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse” which brought together Spidermen from different dimensions of the multiverse.

Northrop went on to say that he would not consider doing a “Dear Avengers” graphic novel as the Marvel universe included a completely different subset of superheroes. He also opened up about working with Gustavo Duarte on “Dear Super-Villains” which is a kind of a mirror image of Justice League.


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