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Disney remains unsure about how to shape the story and Character of Deadpool into MCU

4 months ago

In 2017, a massive power shift happened when Disney purchased the rights from 21st Century For. With this merger, Deadpool and other Fox-owned Marvel characters like X-men and Fantastic Four came under the radar of Disney.

All these films are a great success, and Disney has been putting a lot of effort to maintain the lineage of success in these franchises. Among this Lucrative and profitable franchises, there is one which is causing a hindrance in the smooth sail. Deadpool has been one of the most profitable franchises, mounting a whopping $1.5 billion with its first two films. Unfortunately, Disney has family-oriented values, and Deadpool is entirely the opposite. This Franchise focuses on Violent sequence, robust PG approach, and a truculent tone.

Disney is having a tough time to strategize and fit “R-rated” Deadpool into MCU. Disney CEO Bob Iger earlier confirmed that Disney would keep Deadpool as an “R-rated property.” But sources closer to reporter Brent Lang said that now not only the franchise’s solo ventures will have the tag of “R-rating,” but the studio is also trying to meander ways to fit Deadpool aka Wade Wilson in PG-13 MCU crossovers.

PG-13 style was previously used in Once Upon a Deadpool, which was a huge success. Makers might be trying to fit the old wine in a new bottle to fetch money. In an interview with “Observer” Marvel CEO Iger said:” We think there might be an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for something like Deadpool.”

Now it is up to the makers how they are going to craft and shape the future of the franchise. “Deadpool” has had a base of loyal fans since its inception. Too many changes in the characterization might lose the integrity and the true essence of the film that might not go too well with fans.

Purbita Bhattacharjee