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Drake Hits No. 1 on Billboard Chart With the Compilation of Dated Looses for the Ninth Time


The singer who has his songs charted the most among the solo artists in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 recently launched his compilation album, Care Package and hit the No. 1 for the ninth time on Billboard charts.

Honestly, who would have expected a compilation with dated songs and SoundCloud classics eventually be at the No. 1 on the chart? Drake must be the happiest man on the planet right now!

The songs in the Car Package included the collection of looses from his 2011’s extended play, “Scary Hours.” According to the Billboard, the album from God’s Plan singer saw 16000 albums sales in the first week. The total number of albums that moved in the first week were 109000 units. Topping the chart for the ninth time have put Drake along with the rapper Slim shady, aka Eminem and English rock band, Rolling Stones in the all-time album list.

Drake recently passed the legendary rock band, The Beatles from Liverpool for Top 10 singles. He even got a tattoo from the Beatles’ album abbey road writing he got more slaps than the Beatles. The tattoo showed art of man(resembling Drake) waving to the Fab Four from the Beatles in their iconic Abbey Road Cover.

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Topping the chart for ninth time is no joke, but Drake is still very behind as compared to the Beatles, they have a whopping 19 number of chart-toppers. Drake now trails to another legendary American singer and actor Elvis Presley: who had received ten chart-toppers.

Hotline Bling singer recently concluded his OVO Fest in the Toronto stage. The famous singers like Cardi B, Megan thee Stallion, Meek Mill, and Rick Ross accompanied Aub in the stage.

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