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Gigi Hadid’s got ROBBED while on Holiday Greece but people are angry at her for what she said

4 months ago

Gigi Hadid, one of the popular American fashion model, has been recently enjoying the vacation in Greece, but unfortunately, their trip couldn’t last long and end up glorious as the 24-year-old along with her 23-year-old sibling were robbed during their bucolic holiday in Mykonos, Greece.

The former girlfriend of pop-artist Zayn Malik, along with her sister Bella rented a pad in Mykonos to spend their holiday calmly. But lesser they expected, that their pleasant holiday would be ruined up so bad that they would feel traumatized. When the two sisters were out on the town, the thieves showed up and started to swipe all the valuable personal belongings of the girls from the pad.

The model’s businessman father, Mohammed Hadid, shared a fact with TMZ that his daughters were extremely saddened and deeply traumatized after the incident. He told that Gigi called him at the airport and they were out in town with their bodyguards with them. The house was broken when there’s no one around.

Gigi and Bella boarded to Greece for celebrating their elder sister Alana’s birthday. Upon learning that the Greece authorities aren’t taking their incident seriously, they charted a private plane to fly back home. There’s a thing that the robbery was an inside job because all the stuff related to the house had access to the pad. She also claimed that she is never going back to Greece!

The model took Instagram to post that she was robbed.

But the model seems relaxed somehow as The Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron is hanging out with her, reportedly they went on two dates this past week.

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