“Keanu Reeves” Might Play ‘Namor’ in “Black Panther 2”

4 months ago

Fans of the American Superhero film Black Panther released in 2018 are speculating that John Wick actor Keanu Reeves would be cast in the sequel as Namor although it’s too early for Marvel to talk about the casting process the entertainment company has been eyeing him for collaboration for quite some time. With all the uncertainty fans can rest assured as Danai Gurira will eventually reprise her role as Okoye in the hit franchise.

Reeves who has become America’s sweetheart is known for his diverse film choices, from playing an ex-hitman in the action thriller John Wick to lending his voice to Duke Caboom, a goofy character in Toy Story 4. The internet frenzy started when Marvel Artist Alexander Lozano took a jab at Keanu by turning him into the Submariner. Marvel might want the iconic actor to play the underwater hero after the success of DC’s Aquaman.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige stated that the studio had approached The Matrix star, for almost every superhero film they have made but they are yet to find a role that fits the versatile actor.


Namor is a fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics who is the mutant son of a sea captain and the princess of Atlantis. After the massive success of Black Panther, the sequel may portray Namor as the antagonist. Reeves seems destined to join the superhero universe as Lozano pictured him as both Wolverine and Namor. The fantasized image seems to fit him like a glove. With Keanu donning a grizzled facade his role as the Atlantic Royal seems inevitable.


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