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Priyanka Chopra & Sophie Turner are spotted Hanging Out together in Miami vacation, before their Hubby’s #HappinesBegins Tour kicks off

4 months ago

The Jonas brothers recently reunited after 10 long years and released their first album back together. Now, the popular bros in the music industry are currently on #HappinesBegins Tour in Miami that kicks off in American Airlines Arena.. But before that, the brothers are accompanied by their wives on vacation in Miami.

Priyanka Chopra, the beloved wife of Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas wife and Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, landed in Miami to be part of the Jonas Brothers reunion tour. But the actress, dubbed as J sisters are having the best moment as they were spotted smiling and hanging out together while shopping in Miami.

The J sisters were pictured on their cosmetics shopping, and the Internet couldn’t ignore these beautiful birds. The 23-year-old, Sophie, was seen wearing check shirt with white sneakers and biking shorts while the 37-year-old, former Miss World was wearing blue-and-white two-piece with the hat on top and white heeled sandals.

Not only the outing, but these amazing actresses were seen together poolside relaxing and enjoying the vacation. There, a new member of the family was also spotted, Sophie’s Golden Retriever puppy. Sophie and Joe recently lost their beloved Alaskan Klee Kai pup, Waldo that even led them to consult a therapist.

Now, the couple is happy after the addition of the new pup. They, alongside the deuce of Nick and Priyanka, were relishing the moment together. Nick uploaded a video on his Instagram story.

It looks like Priyanka and Sophie are going well and its an adorable thing even for their fans; driving them crazy, in some sense!

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