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“Tony DiMera” Returns to American Television Program “Days Of Our Lives”??

4 months ago

With the return of Tony DiMera, the plot continues to twist in NBC’s dramatic TV soap ‘Days of our Lives.’ The most widely distributed TV soap in the U.S gave viewers a mighty shock with the return of Tony DiMera, but whether it really is Tony or Andre masquerading as Tony is yet to be seen. Both the twins have committed ghastly deeds in the past, which makes the return a bolt from the blue.

Tony, who was is in love with Anna, agrees to marry his crazy step-sister Kristen. He is well aware of her self interests and malicious motives but still consents to marry her. This pops a very intriguing question of what his intentions really are. Does he want to burn Kristen to the ground, or does he have something even more sinister planned?

With Kristen still disguised as Nicole, has a claim to the position of CEO at Dimera if she successfully persuades Tony to marry her. Due to her prior criminal activities on the show, Kristen is not eligible for the position with her real identity.

Gabi, who is another contender for the spot, will face a number of obstacles cast in her way by Kristen, who is willing to take drastic measures to secure her spot in the company. Tony played by Thaao Penghlis will have a vital role to play in the quest for gaining control of the company.


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