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Texas Man MURDERED his Unborn Child & Pregnant Girlfriend for Texting another man


A man from Texas, US, has finally been arrested by the police after a manhunt that lasted about a week long. This guy was accused of killing (shooting on the face) his pregnant girlfriend on August 4 in New Mexico.

The 18-year-old teen girlfriend was eight months pregnant and the mother to be had already decided the name of her still an unborn baby as Jai’Ary Legend Perkins. The 31-year-old boyfriend, Justin Herron allegedly shot the 18-year-old, Patra Perkins in a motel room at the HomeTowne Studios in Houston, Texas. A witness claimed that he heard multiple gunshots noise in the motel room 239 and immediately reached out to police officer at the Tinseltown movie theater. Perkins body was found around 11.30 pm at the motel on Guhn Road near Fawndale Lane.

An autopsy report revealed that the dead girlfriend suffered several 8 gunshots wound across her body. Seargent Joshua Horn from the Houston Police Department told that Ms. Perkins was wounded on her face, shoulder and a leg. 16 shell casings were found inside the room.Terror Sticking Incident of Rape and Murder of 7-Years-Old, Suspect Under Custody

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The culprit, Justin Herron, had a long history of criminal charges. Herron was out on a bond for fleeing from police after he stole a car. It was Herron, who turned himself in for the capital murder and run at the Albuquerque Police Department on Thursday.

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The reason behind the murder is amusing. Herron confessed that he found his girlfriend texting another man whom he thought to be threatening him. The family members confirmed that the father to the unborn child is Herron.
Patra Perkins was about to celebrate her 19th birthday.

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