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Disney’s Rebooted Movie ‘Mulan’ Is In Danger As The Lead Actress Liu Yifei Supported Hong Kong Police


The encouragers of the Hong Kong protests called for a boycott of Disney’s upcoming movie “Mulan” remake after its star, Liu Yifei, said in the social media that she is supporting the city’s police. Reportedly, the city police have been criticized and reprehended and for their use of force against demonstrators.

‘Boycott Mulan’ Is Over The Head Of Hong Kong’s Public

The Actress, Ms. Liu Yifei, reposted an image on Weibo, a Chinese social network similar to Twitter, in this week. There she took the police’s side and claimed that she is supporting Hong Kong’s Police. The image she shared was originally published by People’s Daily. People’s Daily is the official newspaper of the ruling communist party.

After this incident, boycott ‘Mulan’ noise continues to appear among the people. Miss Liu is a Chinese American actress, and she said in a stern voice that she is supporting the Hong Kong Police. After Mr. FU was assaulted, his spoken words have become a meme among the country. The actress’ words have now become a nationalist motion in china by the media run by the state.

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Liu’s Role In The Rebooted Movie

In the rebooted movie, Liu is playing the role of the eldest daughter of an honored warrior. And she disguises herself as a man to protect the power. The animated film is scheduled to release next year. The trailer had already been released last month.

#Boycottmulan Is Blocked Now

Now, since ‘Weibo’ is a very closed audience platform and tightly controlled platform dedicated for the people of China. Most of the comments were all in favor of the actress and of course Hong Kong Police. The police have been allegedly disclaimed of using pepper spray against the demonstrators. The grievances’ of the people were not paid attention to. Neither by the mainstream media nor by any social media. #Boycottmulan was blocked in China for people to use.

The teaser of Disney’s Mulan, down below:

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