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Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Song Out. Have You Noticed The References To Joe Alwyn In Song’s Lyrics?


Tylor Swift, the international pop singer, is all set to release her new album “Lover” and the first track of the album is already out today. “Lover” is Swift’s third single and fourth song off her seventh studio. It is added to her series of songs like “ME,” “YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN” and “THE ARCHER.”


‘Lover’ Song And It’s Related Lyrics 

The Lover is co-produced by Jack Antonoff, and the track is exquisite and is bluesy ballad that will likely be a wedding song for Swifties. It is in rumors that Taylor is about to relate her relationship with the song’s lyrics and is also said that she will also announce her wedding.


Pop singer Taylor Swift and British actor Joe  Alwyn are dating from the last three years and always tried to keep their relationship personal. The couple was first seen together in the year 2016 in October.

Taylor Swift’s Vogue interview already teased that the lyrics of the song tease a possible wedding. “My heart’s been borrowed, and yours has been borrowed, and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well,” she said in the interview. Her album will be soon released next weak on the 22nd of August.

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She, in one of her songs “ME,” included a fake Christmas tree as an easter egg and told the fans that it was a “clue for something” and the fans got an idea of her relationship.


Alwyn lives in North London while Swift’s house is in Los Angeles, New York City. A photograph showed that the couple lives together in the city, which means that when Swift is in New York, he lives with her.

In Swift’s cover of “September,” fans speculated she gave away their actual first date when she changed the lyrics to “Do you remember the 28th Night of September”.

It is still unknown whether the couple is about to get their wedding bells or not! And even the swifties don’t know the real fact.

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