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Jamie Foxx Holding Hands with Sela Vave At 2am in Los Angeles Nightclub!!


Jamie Foxx came out of Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles. But the question and highlight are he came out from the night club with a woman. He was holding hands of the very beautiful and stunning woman. She was really a hot chick.

Jamie Jamie And Jamie Caught With A Stunning Woman

Don’t you think that she is gorgeous? She is purely dressed up for a night party. Her grey color skinny dress, high heels, and a signature shimmering earrings. Her outfit and makeup were totally party-oriented. And the sexiest part is that she is really a sexy woman. And she really looks beautiful with Jamie Foxx.

Wondering About Her Identity?

This stunning woman has been identified as modal and singer Sela Valve. Strange and exciting fact.

Jamie Foxx has been quite on his relationships. And now he holds on a woman’s hand in front of everyone. So she is very special to him, we are assuming. After all, if she is not so special, he must have hidden her from cameras or acted like they don’t know each other.

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He was silently dating Katie Holmes for six years. He kept it as secret. So just imagine Sela Valve has something special that Jamie Foxx has accepted her specialty in front of media. It means she is very special to him. And he accepts her specialty.

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He leads the woman by holding her hands and taking her out from the night club around 2 pm with security and care. He exited the club with her hands.

They both look so beautiful. May they become a couple. We would love to see them together.

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