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Shocking!George R.R Martin thinks “Game of Thrones” show wasn’t Good for him


George R.R Martin in a recent interview with “The Observer” shared some of his views on the show “Game of Thrones” which is an adaption of his fantasy novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” He also spilled few beans on his upcoming last two novels of the series “The Winds of Winter” and ” A Dream of Spring.”

The final season of “Game of Thrones” which concluded this May received both backlash and criticisms from fans and critics alike. The fans argued that the ending for the final series of this epic drama was more “Anti-climactic” Like. Millions of fans from around the Globe signed the petition demanding that the HBO channel re-shoots the entire finale from scratch.

But the brain behind this Fantasy epic, the creator of the Saga George R.R Martin has insisted on the fact that this tumult and uproar won’t change what he writes next. In the interview, he said that he is working on his last two novels of the series and the ending would remain unaffected from the controversies which started with the conclusion of GOT Finale:” No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t change anything at all… You can’t please everybody, so you have got to please yourself.”

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Martin, who is 70, now spoke on how increasing fame has made his writing strenuous:” I don’t think [Game of Thrones] was very good for me… The very thing that should have speeded me up actually slowed me down.” He added further by saying that this slowing has been detrimental to his writing. Every Time he sits for writing panic mode gets triggered:”  My God I have to finish the book. I have only written four pages when I should have written forty”.

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