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Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ a love letter to Joe Alwyn and hints at engagement?


Now when its less than a week to go for Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated 7th album, the singer released the titular track Lover on Friday.

The slower 90’s inspired track left Swifties utterly content with its heartwarming lyrics describing her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Watch the lyric video here:

‘Lover’ Song Announcement

This is the 4th song off of Lover after the likes of ‘ME!’, ‘You need to calm down’ and ‘The Archer.’ With the new song, it’s evident how sonically diverse this album sets out to be.

It was announced as a surprise during Taylor‘s acceptance speech for the Icon Award at the Teen Choice Awards 2019.

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Swift also announced that a music video for the same would be out on August 22nd at 5 pm EST on a YouTube Live. This is merely a few hours before the global release of the album ‘Lover’ on 23rd, midnight eastern.

Swifties are overwhelmed with the steady stream of Taylor content they’re being blessed with. Especially given that they were dreading another long wait after her 3-year drought from 2016 after the Kimye feud.

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Closer Look at Lover‘s Lyrics

The song opens with a lyric referencing Christmas, a callback to the Christmas tree Easter egg in the ME! Music video. Swift also sings about ‘our place’ hinting at the fact that she and Joe have already moved in together.

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“I’ve loved you 3 summers now honey, but I want them all,” Taylor writes, confirming that their relationship has been 3 years strong and is quite serious.

The bridge of the song is what caught everyone’s attention and raised eyebrows all around. In a soft falsetto, she sings,

“I take this magnetic force of a man to be my Lover;

My heart’s been borrowed, and yours has been blue;

All’s well that ends well to end up with you.”

The thinly veiled references to ‘something borrowed, something blue’ has fans all across the world speculating if the two are actually engaged. This could very well be true given that Taylor and Joe have been very secretive about their relationship, wanting to keep it out of media’s intrusive glare.

Though the rumors are unconfirmed, that doesn’t stop Swifties from hoping and feeling unimaginably happy for Swift.

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