Technology Top 5 Trending Online Tutoring Software in 2019

Top 5 Trending Online Tutoring Software in 2019


Online learning has been on boom for the past few years. There has been a shift in the ways learners access different courses and also the ways tutors use for teaching. With popular universities offering tablet courses and online distance courses, a recent shift has also been observed in the correspondence education system.

It not just about academic education but also the corporate training methodologies are evolving with advanced online tutoring software solutions. A whole new market for LMS solutions, authoring tools, live streaming solutions, and eLearning website builders is thriving with these shifts in the learning and teaching methodologies.  

Here we look into some popular online tutoring software solutions that can help in eLearning implementation with an array of intentions. While most of them are popular Learning Management Systems for corporate training, we have also listed a few good tools for building standalone online teaching platforms.  


  • Docebo


There is hardly a list of the best online teaching platform that does not talk about Docebo. It is one of the most popular AI-based Learning Management Systems in the market. It plays a multi-tasking role by offering the tools to organize, track, and also distribute online courses from a central location.

Be it for corporate training or starting an online teaching platform for business, you can use Docebo to manage your courses in the easiest possible way. It is one of the most efficient tools with collaboration features allowing learners to discuss their doubts and get answers from the relevant tutors on the platform. It is a customizable software; you can customize its UI to match your brand’s identity.

Pricing: Offers custom pricing based on the requirements and number of users. 


  • WizIQ


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WizIQ is a popular solution in the LMS category. With a complete package of tools for organization, Management, and sharing online courses, you can expect a competitive and engaging UX for your learners. Trusted by dozens of corporations, WizIQ offers the best of the corporate learning experience across multiple devices and course formats.  

Besides that, institutions can also use it for delivering self-paced classes in virtual classroom environment with integrated course builder and learning assessment system. With inbuilt templates, you can create courses in minutes and deliver them for free or as premium courses as well. It supports courses across all the major formats such as text, audio, video, PPT, and HTML. 

Pricing: Offers different custom plans for different levels of usage. 


  • TutorRoom


TutorRoom is a different kind of online tutoring software in this list. It is because this LMS does not only focuses on corporate learning but also offers tools to implement eLearning in schools and colleges. It builds a virtual classroom with features like Video chat, instant messaging, and collaboration.

Multiple eLearning tools come under this brand and each one is customizable on requirements. Using these solutions, you can setup standalone online teaching platforms as well as use some selected options for taking video lectures. Users can schedule live classes and attend lectures while interacting with the tutor in the real-time. 

Pricing: $1/class. $120/month for VIP IT support. 


  • Adobe Captivate Prime


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Adobe Captivate Prime is a popular LMS solution among the corporates. Its features allow an admin to create and manage courses across different formats from a central location. In fact, the admin can easily add as many users on the platform by just uploading a spreadsheet with user details.

If you are worried about SCROM compliance, Adobe captivates prime is the ultimate solutions for you. It sports many other standards as well. For example, AICC, Tincan, and content formats like videos, PPTs, excel sheets, and PDFs. While it gives a decent UI for creating courses, authoring is not its USP. I would recommend using a standalone authoring tool like Captivate to get the best user experience.

Pricing: starts at $4.00/month/user. 


  • Absorb LMS


Absorb LMS is an award-winning eLearning solution for small to mid-sized corporations. Any business with less than 2000 employees can use this LMS to train their employees and customers.  With fully SCROM and AICC compliant courses, Absorb’s responsive UI makes it so easier to navigate on the platform. 

If you love Gamification of your online courses, you will love this tool. You are not limited with few features but a whole range of content formats can also be accommodated to create highly engaging and sophisticated online courses for thousands of learners at a time.  

Pricing: It is available under the SaaS model with a free trial. The final pricing would be based on your quotations and requirements.

To conclude

Buying online tutoring software is a big decision. You have to consider N number of factors before settling on a suitable solution. However, I recommended considering your company’s size and the learning objectives before implementation. Not all solutions with good names are best online teaching platform or stand fit for every kind of business goal.

My advice would be identifying your business goals first and then preparing a financial budget. Re-think if you actually need all the features being offered by a popular but expensive tool? If a lesser-known tool is claiming to meet your requirements, it’s wise to test it. After all, not every company can spare a big budget for online training like fortune 500 companies.

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