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Bella Hadid and The Weeknd broke up Again!


On 6th August, the news broke that Hadid and Weeknd have ended their relationship. After dating for four years, they realized time management also wouldn’t help them to manage their relationships. So they chose to separate.

After spending four years together, it is not easy to separate.even when they are meeting for the second time! The love force is so strong that it makes them come together again. So why have they broken up? The question really hunts!

The reason they gave for the quit is the busy schedule of both of them. A source told. That the break up partially had to do with “distance.” In one word, the long-distance relationship is the cause of it.

Causes of the End!

A busy schedule is one of the main reasons, according to them. But analyzed by further, so many reasons are on the top. They both are hard-working in their respective industries. And at that time they are at the edge of their career. Hadid is a 22-year-old supermodel, and The Weeknd we all have hears his compositions. The Grammy winner, 29 years old Abel Tesfaye. They both are trying to balance their career with private space. But it is not so easy. Also for them, they suffer a lot.

A source explained.” they are in different places right now, physically and mentally. Bella is peeping for her fashion week commitments, and Abel is working on his music and his upcoming debut.”

Often their schedule ended up being in different parts of the countries. Like, for past, things are getting crazy for them. When Hadid is getting ready for the Fashion Week which placed in New York on sept.5, Abel is in the other part of the land. Abel is preparing to release his first album. And makes his silver screen debut later this year. This increasing, enlarged separation caused things more complicated. As they can’t exchange their feelings and talks, recently they are engaged in more argues.

Now it seems very tough to get back at the point of stability. But let’s hope for better for them.

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