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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker releases a sizzler shot from the film portraying Rey taking up to her dark side and fans have go gaga over it!!


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker shot that first came out on the stage of the event D23 unveils Rey moving towards the darker side.

The sizzling footage from Star Wars: The rise of the Skywalker rolled out on Good Morning America this Monday. It’s not far from when fans were given a quick peek into the film at D23 convention organized by Disney.

Although the shot from the film is not a possible trailer, however, this doesn’t make a difference to the fans who eagerly await the next flick in the Star Wars series.

The shot from the film hit it off at D23 Expo featuring Rey’s brand new avatar, accompanied with a double-bladed red lightsaber. This footage has raised a lot of comments from fans with a continuous question of whether or not Rey’s character will unveil its dark side.

Actress Daisy Ridley too expressed it before the Disney Panel that Star Wars has been quite a journey. And exploring has been a highlight of it. Hence, one shouldn’t interpret until the film hits the screens this Christmas.

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The shot from the film that’s got people talking begins with the classic piece reminding fans of the starting days. It has everything from the babyfaces of Luke and Leia to the time when General Leia turned to a Princess.

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A part of Leia that our very own Late Carrie Fisher carried gracefully. Also, Director, J.J.Abrams gave out during the weekend about how he put together unseen shots to bring back Fisher to the movie.
Fans have already had a peek into the film via the released teaser shot in April.

The teaser portrayed Rey doing some lightsaber act and Lando Calrissian doing his thing. Moreover, the teaser also showed Rey embracing Leia and a small cup of wisdom that came out of Luke Skywalker. A lot of stars too are set to return to the film with this sequel.

Well, we know the short release from the film’s side has spooked the fans. But I say we cannot judge the book by its cover, especially when it comes to the Star Wars family. Hence, we have to wait till December 20 to see what happens in the forthcoming sequel. For more such news, stay tuned to us.

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