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Jennifer Lopez’s Fiancé Alex Rodrigue And Cardi B Are Well Known Of Strip Clubs. How That Helped Movie “Hustler”???



Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu starrer movie ‘Hustler’ was announced last year and recently its trailer was launched by the producers. The film is all set to release in a few weeks and has an impressively starry cast which also includes the likes of Cardi B, Julia Stiles, and many others. The movie revolves around the lives of two cons who target the clients that visit their strip club regularly. Talking about the movie and the influence of the strip club on the plot of the film, Jennifer Lopez revealed that her fiance helped her out with his insightful experiences with such clubs.


Jennifer said that as soon as she told Alex Rodriguez, her fiance, about her plans to do this movie, Alex instantly reported to her about his experiences with strip clubs and how he could help her with the preparations of the movie. J.Lo revealed that all sequences of the movie where the rich brats and the famous sportspersons are seen entering the club through the back doors were added after listening to Alex Rodriguez’s insightful experiences with strip clubs and strippers. Alex was the one who helped the actors in preparing for the roles and sequences that were shot in the strip clubs.

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The movie also has Cardi B in an important role. The rapper revealed that she was a stripper earlier before she quit the job and became a professional singer. Apart from J.Lo. and her fiance’s experiences, even Cardi B’s account of what happens inside strip clubs were used by the filmmakers to shape the script. She gave information about the intricacies of the business where competition exists between strippers, which gives rise to jealousy and even crimes. The trailer of the ‘Hustlers’ is being liked by fans all across the world. Viewers are waiting eagerly to go to the cinemas to watch what seems to be an entertaining movie with a potentially powerful script. All analysis of the movie can be done only after its release but the hype around the movie is tremendous.

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