Entertainment OnePlus to launch its own television

OnePlus to launch its own television



OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturers are launching their next venture in the technology. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has shared the first image of their television. He calls it an amazing TV in his twitter post. It is for the first time OnePlus Company is launching something new other than their smartphone segment.

The company has revealed much about its new product. From its logo to some of its specifications and key features, the techies are all surprised about onePlus’ new technology in the field of electronics.  The OnePlus CEO has posted two photos of the new product in the factory in a package.


It will be a 55-inch model, a massive TV with a big screen and very narrow bezels all around. From the photo of its package, it looks like any other premium smart TV, The CEO of the company in an interview with the India today tech, has revealed. But according to the latest leaks, the smart TV will have android 9 pie on board along with OnePlus optimizations for a faster experience. It will be having a QLed screen and an optimized version of Android TV operation system, and it will seek for the assistance of Google to get the best.

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“We are going to call our very first smart TV product’ one plus TV- simple yet to the point- as we believe there’s no other name that can best represent our value, vision, and pride than naming it with our own brand,” the onePlus forum mentioned.

OnePlus has shaken the smartphone economy and market in India, and they will be aiming for replication of their success, with the launch of the new product. It will be a great start for the company, in the electronics field where Samsung, LG, and Sony rule. The new product will be available in the markets China, us and India from the month of September.


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