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WWE Smackdown Outcomes – Orton smashes Big E and Roman’s no forgiveness policy against Daniel Bryan


WWE SmackDown Outcome: Randy Orton fired at Kingston before their match while Charlotte Flair charged at Bayley after her ring exchange in a dispute last week.

With the Battle of Champions nearing, the recent SmackDown live segment did drop major hints on the opponents-to-be in the September 15 Face-offs. As of now, it appears that Buddy Murphy might reignite his rivalry with Ali. Besides this, Chad Gable will fight against former tag teammate Shelton Benjamin.

Before the fight, Randy Orton had a word war at Kofi Kingston. Also, Charlotte Flair charged at Bayley forth her engagement in a dispute last week. The highlight event brought Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan to the ringside. It was where Daniel urged Reigns to apologize.

Kofi Kingston rolled out the Live SmackDown event in Louisiana, giving out details about his upcoming battle with Randy Orton. Nevertheless, The Viper intruded Kofi forth his appearance on the Titantron.

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He also disclosed the content of the letter written from Kofi’s son Kai warning him to not get to his father. The Viper also made a promise to meet Kofi’s family in their stay as he exited the stage. However, the two champions got into a fistfight.

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Miz called out Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura on the ring before throwing a challenge at Nakamura in the Clash of Champions Event. All of the three champions got into a fight and Nakamura made a Kinshasa move on Miz to wrap it up.

Leaving Kofi in the trainer’s abode Big E promised the WWE champion that we would take revenge on The Viper. Moreover, he quite stood up to his promise and inflicted serious injuries on Orton. But The Revival came to Orton’s rescue that made him score a win.

The main event saw Daniel Bryans revealing a video of Erick Rowan’s involvement in the accident to Reigns. But to his surprise, Roman did not believe him, and in response, Daniel planted a slap on Roman’s face. Also, Roman gave it back to Daniel in the form of a spear.

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