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The Avenger’s Drax aka Dave Bautista is eyeing for to play Batman Villain, and Spoiler Alert, it is not Joker!


The well-known wrestler, David Michael Bautista Jr., who rose to fame after he bagged the Avenger’s character Drax, in Guardians of Galaxy, wants to play a role of the villain, in the Batman franchise, but it is definitely not Joker! Read on to find out more!

Batman comics have one of the most amazing line-ups of villains, and Dave Bautista, as he is popularly called, could bring to life many of the villains in a very vivid way.

Matt Hagen Clayface is the character Dave Bautista is suited for!

In the comic series, Matt Hagen is the second person to use the ‘Clayface’ name and is much less known than the original Basil Karlo.

While Dave Bautista is still a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many DC fans have been wanting him to play ‘Bane’ in The Batman. However, many fans are also of the opinion that they would rather see Dave Bautista play a Batman Villain that isn’t Bane in a standalone film.

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The actor was last seen as Drax in the super hit film, Avengers: Endgame, and in all probability reprise in the next installment of Guardians of Galaxy.

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Dave Bautista is currently working on Zack Snyder’s Netflix release- Army of the Dead. The movie apparently involves a lot of zombies.

On his twitter handle, Bautista addressed the Joker film and wrote-

“…my brain has not connected to Batman at all. There’s a disconnect for some reason, but I can’t wait to see Joaquin as The Joker, looks interestingly dark and grounded in the vein of The Dark Knight Series. I’m in!”

Joker’s star cast includes Phoenix (Arthur Fleck), Zazie Beetz (Sophie Dumond), Brett Cullen (Thomas Wayne), Marc Maron (Ted Marco) and many more! The film is set to release on October 4.


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