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Tylor Swift Revealed The Trauma After The Groping Incident. Said Now Security Cameras Pointed At Her Butt At Meet-And-Greets!!!


Taylor swift has now security cameras pointed at her butt at meet-and-greets after being sexually assaulted. She is determined nobody will ever get away with groping her again.

Taylor’s whose new album having amazing ride since the release last weak, recently told the Guardians that she even has security cameras pointed at her lower half so that “if something happens again, we can prove it with video footage from every angle.”

In August 2017 a sexual assault was claimed against radio DJ David Muller by her. Muller was fired after swift reported him for putting his hand up her dress at a meet-and-greet event. He sued her for $3 million for defamation in 2015, and she countersued him for sexual assault a month later.

She won the case, asking Muller for just one dollar with a promise to donate money “to multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.” She told the Guardian: “Even this case was literally twisted so hard that people were calling it the ‘buttgrab case.’ They were saying I sued the case. ‘They were saying I sued him because there’s this narrative that I want to sue everyone. That was one of the reasons why the summer was the apocalypse.”

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Swift won the 2017 case two months before the “Me Too” Campaign took off. After winning the case, Swift released a statement saying her legal fight was for “anyone who feels silenced by a sexual assault.” “I’m really lucky that it hadn’t happened to me before,” she said, “But that was one of the reasons it was so traumatizing. I just didn’t know that could happen. It was really brazen in front of seven people”.

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