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Minor Girl GANG-RAPED & then HUMILIATED by WALK of SHAME as punishment


1A girl in Gaya district of Bihar was gang-raped, and instead of receiving justice to the girl, she had her head shaved and was paraded throughout the village as the punishment by the Panchayat of the village.

The police reported that on the evening of August 14, the victim, a minor girl, was kidnapped by the group of men in a vehicle. The girl was reportedly taken into the rooftop of Panchayat building and then she was brutally raped until she lost consciousness. The family was informed by the locals who spotted the lady, the next day of the incident.

The men who carried out such a horrible incident belonged to a highly influential family in the village. The Panchayat was highly supported and influenced by that very powerful family, and upon their so-called order, the Panchayat decided to punish the victim instead of the culprit. They shaved her head, and they trotted her out in the village.Minor Girl GANG-RAPED & then HUMILIATED by WALK of SHAME as punishment

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When the police officers were reportedly pressured and met by the victim’s mother and victim, they acted upon the case and registered an FIR. The police action was done after the 11 days from the incident that happened in Masaundha village of Mohanpur block in Gaya.

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Niranjana Kumari, the Incharge of Women Police Station Officer, said that the possible six men were detained. Under the POSCO Act, the member’s of Panchayat also have been termed as the accused. The girl recognized a man named Devlal Yadav, and the guy was arrested and taken into custody.

Dilmani Mishra, Bihar Women Commission’s Chairperson, has asked SSP of Gaya to produce a report about the case very soon by September 2.

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