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New Born Baby Poisoned & DUMPED in Dustbins by Mother just hours after giving birth


A woman from Nonthaburi, central Thailand, killed her just born baby by first poisoning the infant and then throwing out of the balcony of the third floor.

Reports claimed that the 18-year-old mother was panicked after giving birth as that happened unexpectedly and she had no idea about. She also told the authorities that she murdered the infant to hide the pregnant thing from her boyfriend. She poisoned the toddler with drain cleaner. After poisoning, she wrapped the baby into black bags. When the police checked the CCTV, they found the black bag being dropped into the dustbin kept at the ground floor of the building where she lived.

The infant, after being recovered from the bin, was rushed to the hospital in the very second, but unfortunately, the toddler died due to injuries that developed from poisoning. The authorities arrested the 18-year-old mother named Aom along with her 23-year-old boyfriend named Jay. The convicted couple had moved to another property to escape from the law.

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The Mom admitted that she murdered the baby intentionally. Her boyfriend Jay wasn’t the child’s biological father. The mother went in the labor when she was in the toilet. According to her, she was panicked and thought of disposing of the just born baby to hide from her boyfriend. The police arrested the boyfriend because his side of stories related to the event was unbelievable and doubtful to the police.

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The mother, on the first hand, denied any involvement in the murder but later confessed after DNA report of baby matched with the mother.

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