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Poor Dog was TORTURED, STARVED & DUMPED in the Gutter and the reason will shock you


This world has lost every ounce of humanity left after this disgusting incident done to an innocent animal. A dog has been left to die in the gutter after preventing him from consuming any foods and water for months.

Volunteers of D.C.’s Humane Rescue Alliance, fortunately, found an extremely dehydrated 9-month-old pup stranded to die in a gutter just before it was starting to loose the stability of vital organs. The dog was found in Okie Street, Nebraska. Now the pup has been shifted to a foster home near Burke, Virginia.

The dehydrated pup was rushed to a local vet hospital and was under intensive care for nearly a week. The dog progressed to live with a slight improvement in health condition. The shelter for the dogs was near to the place where it was dumped, but the shameless man chose to dump him in the gutter to die. The pup was stuck for almost 12 hours, and his skin was severely rotted.Poor Golden Retriever raped by Monster Man charged with 221 offences

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The cops are being assisted by Humane Rescue Alliance volunteers to catch the unknown culprit who is believed to be driving hood-less, a dark-colored, four-door sedan. Meanwhile, the authorities have also purposed a reward worth of $10000 to provide anyone who hints and gets involved to find the actual culprit.

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In the pup’s new foster home, it has been cared well and is receiving good nutrition to develop his health. Its foster mom, Kim O’Keefe called the pup, Shepherd.


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