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Poor Teenage Boy KILLED himself by Hanging after finding out his is Crush Dating Someone Else


You wouldn’t believe but a teen just hanged himself with a tie after he found that the girl he has been crushing on was dating someone other.

The 13-year-old British boy named Harry Storey was found hanging on his home in Oxfordshire, England. The incident was first discovered by his father Andrew Storey, who was walking towards his home after his work.

Harry Storey messaged his friends on Whatsapp that he was going to commit suicide because the girl he had a crush on was dating another guy. The friends believed that Harry was faking and he would never intend to do so.

It has been reported that the boy had been watching a TV program where a female actor attempted suicide, and this is the reason why he developed suicidal thoughts. When the father noticed him, it looked like he was standing on the stairs, but later he realized that he wasn’t, but hanging by a tie.Miraculous Man wakes up at his own funeral after being declared dead by doctors

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The 13-year-old boy was later rushed into John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. He tragically passed away after spending three days in the pediatric intensive care unit. Reports claimed that the death had been occurred due to asphyxiation by suspension the resulted in being a hypoxic-ischemic brain injury.

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Heffernan-Glover, experienced personnel in handling such cases claimed that the boy didn’t kill him intentionally, it’s just he miscalculated the time-frame of being unconscious.

The sports freak child who has been described as charismatic and caring would never attempt something like suicide, but this incident shocked his family and friends.

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