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Shawn Mendes drops hints on dating Camila Cabello in a recent candid sit-down


Shawn and Camila have been fueling link-up rumors with their PDA’s from quite a long time now. The couple has been linked forth their recent collab titled Senorita. However, the fans are still awaiting confirmation from the ‘I know what you did last summer’ duo.

‘I Can Treat You Better’ hit-maker Shawn Mendes might have just dropped hints confirming his relationship status. The singer and lyricist did so in one of his fans meet backstage forth wrapping his concert in Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. Yes, in one of his sit-downs with the fansĀ  Shawn recently put a stamp on his relationship. However, he did leave a little strand of mystery their too when he told that he isn’t aware of his partner’s feelings.

Well, Shawn and Camila have been the talk of the town from quite a while now, but we still await an official confirmation from the couple’s side. Nevertheless, the duo has been saying it all with their PDAs, but the air is still not clear. The ‘Senorita’ singers, however, did bring fire to the stage with their recent performance on MTV Video Music Awards on 26th of August. The couple’s chemistry was on full display throughout their ‘Senorita’ performance. They did get kind of steamy amidst performing Senorita on stage at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. Also, the two walked out the stagehand in hand.

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Apart from all this, the two were also getting cozy sitting in the audience prior to receiving the award for Best Collaboration later. Although the two have a history of working together back in 2015. But the rumors of the two singers dating each other made rounds after their recent collab ‘ Senorita.’ The fans have been on the receiving end of their significant PDAs since then.

Also, in her recent Vogue video, Camila did hint towards being in the romantic phase of her life. As per an insider, the two rehearsed a lot prior before making their debut as a couple onstage. Hence, they were hoping for it to be as amazing as possible.

The news is exciting, but we do expect for the couple to announce their relationship officially. To be the first one to receive their confirmation stay with us.

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