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13 Reasons Why’s Character “Ani” Faces Backlash. Co-Stars Came To Defend The Role!!!


Netflix original series “13 Reasons Why” whose season 3 came recently. In this season Bryce Walker is killed, and a new character is introduced Ani Achola, the role played by Grace Saif.

13 Reasons Why

Ani was introduced by the third season as a new student at Liberty High and Clay Jensen’s friend. The latest entry is also narrating this season of the famous series. While describing her judgemental towards other characters when she wasn’t around for the events of the first two seasons, many viewers have been responding negatively to the character.

Now, she is defended by other characters of the series like Anne Winters who plays the role of Chole Rice in the show, stated Ani’s character essential for the season while totally showing her disagreement with the backlash towards Ani. She says, “I think her role was very important this season because you know, you need someone that has the other side of Bryce,” Anne added, “And we wouldn’t have really gotten to see that unless there was some sort of new character that was living with him. That’s vital to see the story. And Ani is amazing. Grace, who plays Ani, is like the sweetest girl ever. I really loved her character this season”.

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While Timothy Garandeors, who plays the role of Tony, uploaded a picture on Instagram asking them to remember that they are not those people in real life and just the show’s characters are delivering performances. He expressed, “Hey Y’all, just a reminder. Whether or not you support, like, or love, a character in our fictional tv show- please remember that there is a talented and beautiful actor/actress bringing those scripted words to life” he said “One of the underlining themes in our show is to take care of each other. I’ve seen some pretty nasty things being said online, concerning the introduction of a new character. Y’all are passionate & we love you for that, but PLEASE PLEASE try to be kind and respect the work of the talented actress/actor behind the character.”

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