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Avengers: Endgame, fan theory reveals Scarlet Witch hold Doctor Strange responsible of Vision’s Death


Post the release of Avengers: Infinity War followed by Avengers: Endgame, there has been a constant debate among fans regarding the most powerful hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ultimately, it took Tony Stark using sleight of hand to steal the Infinity Stones, and Iron Man himself snapped Thanos away and saved the galaxy. However, it must definitely be noted; it was Wanda Maximoff, that is, Scarlet Witch who took down Thanos single-handled twice-

The first time when she attempted to destroy the Vision’s Mind Stone, and the second time when Thanos tried to blast everyone with laser cannons.

Thus, speculations regarding Scarlet Witch’s future in MCU are explained. It is clear that she is going to have a massive role ahead in the series.

A latest fan theory suggests that Scarlet Witch will hold Doctor Strange responsible for Vision’s death.

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With the coming up of Doctor Strange- Multiverse Madness, it is very likely Scarlet witch’s character played by Elizabeth Olsen will have a significant part in the Strange movie.

According to reports, Witch is all set to feature in Disney’s show, to be broadcast on Disney’s digital platform. The show is expected to be called WandaVision. Apparently, the show will intertwine the Scarlet Witch and Vision’s character.

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Sites report that Elizabeth was quoted saying, “I’ve never really got to work with him except for one shot where he was landing, and I was shooting something, and that was it. And we did that for like six hours one day together”. Supposedly, here she is addressing the Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch.

This one of the most exciting collaborations for Marvel fans as Scarlet Witch will give intense competition to Doctor Strange!

WandaVision is scheduled to debut on Disney + in 2021, and Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness will hit the theatres on 7th May 2021.

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