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How Successful Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Album Is??? What Records It Broke With The Time???


Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated title track ‘Lover’ for her seventh album is finally out.

The video was directed by Drew Kirsch and Taylor Swift herself. The video shows Taylor and her ‘ Lover’ ( played by Chris Owens, Taylor’s dance partner in reputation tour).

While we are still in summer, the video is very Christmassy, romantic and snowy inside a snow globe accompanied by color-blocked rooms, sparkly colorful outfits and plenty of fantasy.

The entire video is a trademark of the fairytale lifestyle we are accustomed to witnessing in a typical Taylor Swift video. Swift previously released videos for ‘ME’ and ‘ You Need To Calm Down.’ This album has 18 tracks including a single with Dixie Chicks, who have not released new material as a group in 13 years.

Songs written solely by Swift include ‘ Lover,’ ‘ Cornelia Street’ and the album closer ‘ Daylight.’

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On release day, Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ has surpassed 2 million units in global consumption. The album has created this year’s biggest first-week U.S. collection in just 24 hours.

” There are so many ways in which this album feels like a new beginning,” Taylor told Vogue for their September cover, ” This album is really a love letter to love in all it’s maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic and wonderful glory.”

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During a live YouTube event on Thursday, 22 August, Taylor talked about the inspiration for ‘ Lover.’ Swift said that it comes from a ‘free romantic whimsical place’ and is a ‘ natural continuation’ of her life.

The new album has created a buzz all over. There were rumors about Taylor hinting her future marriage plans with Joe Alwyn.

Swift has even announced during the promotional tours about the plans of re-recording new versions of her old songs after the Scooter Braun controversy.

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