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Shawn Mendes And Camilo Cabello Disappointed Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift And Other Stars At At VMA’s 2019!!!


Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are on the tounges of everyone after their hit song ‘Senorita.’ Their on-screen chemistry forced fans to think about their chemistry in real life. And all these got fires when Cabello broke up with her boyfriend only after the few days of releasing the song.

Now, recently at MTV VMAs Duet, the couple was spotted including other singers like Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Taylor Swift. While performing on the stage there was a moment when both came close, and even their noses touched, everyone was in the state of vibrancy as they thought including Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas, and Sophie Turner that the couple was about to kiss and even the environment over there was same as everyone was shouting “kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” but they made everyone sad and didn’t kiss.

Cabello hit the stage in a sheer white long-sleeved gown. She started the performance singing the song’s opening lines as she walked atop a stage littered with romantic lights. She was seen several steps away to drape her arms over Mendes biceps, which he flaunted in a sleeveless white tank top. The two at some point of the performance eventually came together to share a few sensual moments, including one intense scene in which they spotted singing to gaze into each other’s eyes.

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Turner, Jonas, and Rexha could be seen raising their arms in the air, seemingly disappointed as there was no kiss when Cabello and Mendes wrapped their song. And Taylor swift can be seen waving her hand back and forth while her other hand was on her heart, her mouth was wide open, and she appeared to say “oh shit” while watching Cabello and Mendes’ performance. Even Joe Jonas posted the video on Instagram, admitting that he’s “still waiting for that kiss.”

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