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“Joker”: “Joaquin Phoenix” Sends Severe Chills Down In The New Trailer!!! Will The Actor Beat Previous Jokers???


Warner Bros released a new trailer for DC’s much-awaited movie ‘Joker’ on Wednesday, and it is sure to give fans severe chills.

From the trailer, it is evident how much efforts ‘Joaquin Phoenix’ has put for adapting the character of Joker. He has been working hard to impress his fans by his performance in the movie.

The trailer shows the life of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin), a miserable stand-up comedian who decides to become a villain in Gotham City after numerous failed attempts to be successful.

The film examines the popular DC comic villain within the constraints of a world without superheroes. We will get to know about the dept of Joker’s character. This movie seems to have more to offer than the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan. The movie will focus more on the reasons that led Joker to become what he was.


There is no doubt that Joaquin is a great artist as well as a dedicated actor. He is once again proving the fact in this DC movie.

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Phoenix has undergone a huge transformation to justify his character. He has lost tons of weight to play the iconic character of Joker. He apparently lost around 52 pounds for the role.

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This would not have been an easy task. Phoenix must have undergone a drastic diet for the same. His appearance is proof of his dedication to the character.

Director Todd Phillip also had a tough time in convincing the producers regarding the film’s vision and potential. Phillip said during an interview, It was a year-long process from when we finished the script just to get new people on the board because I pitched it to an entirely different team.”

Hath Ledger has immortalized the joker in “The Dark Knight” by his legendary performance. Later on, Jared Leto also played the Joker in “Suicide Squad.” The anticipations of the fans are high from the movie, and it will be interesting to see what the movie offers to the viewers.

“Joker” will be releasing on October 4th this year.

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