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Poor Girl brutally TORTURED & BEATEN by Boyfriend coz she refused to give him her facebook password


There’s always a strong motive when a person tries to hurt someone, but this may be the weirdest reason to hurt anyone. A boyfriend recently hit his girlfriend heavily with a hammer to get the password of his girlfriend’s Facebook.

The 20-year-old boy Oscar Blackall hit his girlfriend Alyshia Connorton with a hammer and then kicked her off as she didn’t respond to his nonsense demand to share the Facebook login details. Oscar Blackall has been sentenced to 16 months in prison.

The boy always wanted to track his girlfriend’s activity, and he literally was preoccupied to know where his girlfriend was hanging out every-time. The  20-year-old boy broke down into the tears during prosecution.

Picture: INS News Agency Ltd (Oscar Blackall, 20, also destroyed his girlfriend’s laptop)

Alyshia Connorton wanted to watch a movie alone in the next room of their residency. But the boyfriend felt being ignored, lost control, and then broke her laptop by twisting it. Also, he had hit Connorton with a hammer and then kicked her out, leaving her in a lot of pain.

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The guy was an idiot and unfortunate, even after receiving the Facebook details by torture, he went to the place where Connorton worked and then started to shout, leading to his arrest.

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Judge Nott claimed that there were a multiplicity of injuries. Judge Nott quoted that it was nothing but an act of pure violence and harm. The girlfriend felt minor tissue damage and then got a headache. But, on the other side of the story, Connorton requested that the accused was a great and caring person and further wished that he may receive less punishment.

With a five year restraining order, the justice department handled the boyfriend with 16 months custodial sentence.

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