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“Shark Tank” Judge “Kevin O’Leary” Speak Up On The Boating Accident That Killed Two. Said “I Should Not Have Fled.”



Kevin O’Leary, who is among the most well-known faces in the entrepreneurship circuit, is the center of attraction these days. The millionaire, who is famous for his appearances on the TV show ‘ Shark Tank’ is in the midst of controversy after being involved in a severe, late-night accident that took place while he was boating in the Ontario city of Canada with two other people alongside. In an unfortunate series of events that took place that night, the two others who were accompanying Kevin O’Leary are reportedly dead. Kevin O’Leary came out and spoke about the accident recently.


Kevin O’Leary described the accident and gave details about it in a media interaction recently. Kevin O’Leary said that it was night in Ontario, Canada, when the three of them went out for boating. Kevin was the passenger while his wife Linda O’Leary was driving the boat. While sailing, suddenly their boat collided with another boat that had two passengers as well. The collision was of such a high intensity that the driver of the other boat died on the spot. His wife, who was alongside him, was severely injured, and recently, even she passed away after she succumbed to her injuries.

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Kevin O’Leary said that the accident took place because the other boat did not have any navigation lights on it. But he admitted his mistake and said that he should not have fled the accident location. On the future course of the case, Kevin O’Leary stated that he is ready to co-operate with the police. He gave his condolences to the family of the departed souls and said that whatever happened that night was tragic, to say the least. As far as the police are considered since the matter is in the investigation mode and no concrete evidence is retrieved, the police are not commenting on any details of the case in public.

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