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Brad Pit Arrives As the Surprising Disciple At Kanye West’s Sunday Service, At Los Angeles!


None Other Than Brad Pit At The Church Of Kanye West

Kanye West had a recent installment of weekly religious gathering. It was initiated in January. It has attracted many known faces, and it includes  Katy Perry, Orlando Boom even Busy Philips. They have come and visited the church.

Last Sunday, Pitt surprised everyone with his visit, and West was greeted by him publicly. The “Once Upon A Time Hollywood Star” wore a newsboy cap and this scene at Watts neighborhood has caught attentions.

See What The Sources Are Saying

According to a recent source, “Pitt’s decision to come here was a spur-of-the-moment deal. He has attended the event formerly as well.” The source further added that he was completely carried away by the crowd. He was “Just amazed by the atmosphere and love. Brad made sure to take as many pictures with everyone who asked.”

“Kanye didn’t say too much but shook hands and greeted everyone who came out,” the source continued.

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The Gathering Seemed Melodious

The church experience is indeed beautiful, and there were songs and dances. It includes traditional gospel songs and also songs from West’s list. The catalog has in it, “Famous,” “Jesus Walks,” and “Lit Yourself.” Earlier this April Kim Kardashian explained, ” There is no praying, sermon or word. It’s just music, and it’s just a feeling.”

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StarStudded Guest At The Church

Besides the presence of Brad Pitt, other glamorous guests were there too. That list included L.A. Reid, Adrienne Bailon, Big Boy, Kendall Jenner, and Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.

To quote Kim Kardashian more precisely, “It’s definitely something he believes in- Jesus- and there is Christian vibe. But there is no preaching. It’s just a very Christian spiritual experience.”  Amazing choirs are associated with it for a fresh week start by one.



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