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An Instagram Star with 1.4 million followers reveals that she earns a whopping $64,000 yearly by posting selfies


An Instagram sensation with 1.4 million followers recently startled the world by disclosing her yearly income.   According to reports by “The Sun” Alexa Dellanos, 23 earns a whopping $64,000 every year just posting selfies.

The Miami based model told “The Sun” that her initial aim was to become a journalist. Soon she realized that she could make a lot more money through Instagram than in the business of news. The model now lives a lavish lifestyle, earning through her “sexy” snaps and living with her boyfriend Alec Monopoly, who is also an artist with more than 1 million followers.

In an interview she opened up about making money through this social media platform:” I honestly did not realize how much money was in Instagram alone until I started making it, Now I feel the sky is the limit.” She even spoke on switching her career from the field of journalism to the world of bling and glamour:” I decided I would be making three times more on social media than my salary as a journalist – It would have been an amazing opportunity to open doors for me in the entertainment industry, but I am opening those doors myself now.”

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Alexa Dellanos has also launched her Youtube channel where people can by photo filters. She is currently in the process of developing an activewear range. Instagram has been her primary source of income. While talking to “Insider” she gave details further details. The fashion influencer charges $5,000 per sponsored posts on Instagram and works mainly with the big clothing, skincare, make-up brands, and hotels. She gave an insight on how she chooses different brands for her posts:” I don’t take every brand that comes to me …I prefer to pick and choose my favorites; that’s why my social media is not a page filled with ads.”

Delano’s does follow a strict rule to maintain a balance. She does not tend to disclose whether a post is an advertisement or a sponsor. Having said that she does not fail to tag the correct brand name and location, as it helps in proper news spreading and hitting the right target audience.


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