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Celeb Power Couple Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Chosen As People’s Best Dressed


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have always remained the talk of the town after their lavish marriage ceremony that took place last year in December. Since then they are going strong be it pulling off any outfit or posing their best for shoots. Their Instagram account is evident enough to tell how aesthetic both look when together as if its all happening with the flow without any manual effort.

Their lavish wedding was a lively proof of their extraordinary fashion sense, which comprised of ceremonies after ceremonies and huge assembling of designer couture. Since then both have been inseparable in terms of nailing any outfit. Their outfits, as if, complement each other, and it’s because of this closely woven romance that Niyanka has been able to grab the title of “People’s Best Dressed.” It is the first time a couple has been able to grab this title. This combined designation is all because of how well Priyanka and Nick get along as if made for each other.

Mimi Cuttrell, who is Chopra Jonas’ stylist, shared “Their best fashion moments come when they choose clothing that speaks to each of them. They both are fashionistas in their own right.” She also giggled about how both of them keep a check on what the other is wearing so as to construct a “chic old Hollywood aesthetic.” She spoke to the People sharing “After a fitting, they love to check in and see what the other is wearing. There is a lot of love and support for each other’s sense of style.”

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Yermagyan, who is Jonas’ stylist for carpet looks, shares his experience of working with Cuttrell as a dream opportunity. In terms of styling he shares about collaborating with Mimi as he spoke “Stylists rarely get a chance to work together, as we are all focused on our clients individually, but we had a fun time having a chance to work on some big moments side by sides like their wedding in India and The Met Gala.” Yermagyan shares the secret to the effortless couple aesthetic of Jonas couple as he said ” For red carpets, we like to pull in a touch of color from the other’s outfit and work it into the look. Its subtle way of being coordinated without being too matchy-matchy.”

After all these efforts, Nick and Priyanka on their own know well, how to rock a look with their subtle posing and a slight hint of PDA.

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